Ms. Turner: Inspiring and Engaging Students at FA

Tasha Sudofsky and Zach Crampton

In just two years at Falmouth Academy, Ms. Turner, a Falmouth native, has become a valued member of the faculty. She graduated from Trinity College in the spring of 2018, and her love of her hometown and excitement about FA’s devotion to learning lured her back to the Cape.

Ms. Turner’s passion for learning started in high school. She was annoyed that her teachers weren’t assigning every question in the textbook for homework and liked to imagine that she could be the teacher and assign herself the questions because she wanted to complete them herself. Ms. Turner has since grown and learned that students don’t need to do every question to understand the material, but she still has an insatiable desire to learn and do more.

At Trinity College, Ms. Turner worked at the campus Writing Center. There, she found joy in working with others to improve and fine-tune their writing. Starting in seventh grade at Lawrence Middle School, she also developed an interest in French language and culture that continued through college. Her combined love for reading and French led her to pursue teaching as a career. 

Although Miss Turner did not know how she wanted to apply her major when she graduated from Trinity, looking back she realizes that throughout her time in college she had “little hints that were telling me, ‘You’re going to be a teacher, Ms. Turner.’” 

While she had childhood friends who went to FA, Ms. Turner never really knew much about our school other than the copious amount of homework undertaken by her friends.  When she got the opportunity to come back to Falmouth, the “mysterious entity that is Falmouth Academy” intrigued her. After visiting FA, Ms. Turner noticed the many different opportunities available to students. She went to an All-School Meeting, where Ms. Manchester was dressed up like a comma to help students understand sentence structure. Ms. Turner loved that FA celebrated and shared her love and enthusiasm for English and education. The amount of enthusiasm around the bountiful traditions made the rigor here at FA quite enticing. A creative person herself, Ms. Turner plays flute and dabbles in running as she tries to keep up with the other teachers, so she loves that students are able to try all sorts of activities.

It is safe to say that Ms. Turner has been a wonderful addition to FA, and we are all looking forward to more years of her enthusiasm and love for learning.