Climate Change: A Problem that Needs Solving


Lilly Kurelja

Clint McDowell, Staff Writer

Climate change is a major issue in the world today, and luckily many countries are coming together to try and address the crisis. Over 97% of scientists believe and say that the Earth is heating up at a very dangerous rate. This raises the question: Why is the U.S. deciding to step back and let climate change go on with the policies that they are making? 

The United States made significant progress with President Obama’s development policy and the Global Climate Change Initiative. This initiative was put into place in order to help the United States invest in more clean energy and to help foreign countries with their fight against climate change. The initiative by Obama was just the beginning of a seven-year campaign aiming to slow down climate change and highlight the negative impact climate change continues to have on the world. During his time as President, Obama made various steps towards helping the government recognize climate change. A couple of examples of Obama’s work are the Paris Agreement and his Climate Action Plan, which helped reduce deforestation and encouraged the use of alternate fuels.

Although Obama moved the US forward in regards to addressing climate change, it may all come to pieces with the Trump Administration. In a report done by Inside Climate News, when asked a question about climate change, Trump said, “I don’t believe it. No, no, I don’t believe it.”. This is outrageous, and he is clearly ignoring 97% of scientists.  By ignoring climate science, this administration poses more problems for our generation and generations to come. 

A prime example of Trump’s policies on climate change is his withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement is a United Nations agreement to put forth our best efforts to stop climate change. By Trump removing the United States from this agreement, it blemishes the US’s reputation and harms our progress towards slowing climate change and protecting our environment. 

Without regulation, the United States could remain a major source of climate change due to mass industry, transportation, and energy practices. This agitates me, and I’m sure many others, because of the worsening threats climate changes poses to our planet if we don’t slow it down now.  Although in the short term, producing more fossil fuels and ignoring green alternatives may help the United States economically, the consequences are too great. In the next presidential term, we can only hope that whoever is elected — Republican, Independent, or Democrat — will be smart enough to help the world using their given resources. The current administration has made irresponsible decisions about how to handle and prevent climate change that will be difficult to resolve.   Hopefully, the coming years will bring a renewed, united fight to stop climate change.