How Students are Keeping Busy: Their Workspaces and Activities during the Pandemic

Liza Feeney's '25 workspace.

Online school presents students with new experiences and new challenges. We normally meet in classrooms and move around the school building, having lockers to store our school books and supplies. At home, students do not move from classroom to classroom, and lockers are conspicuously absent. Each student has adapted to the situation by creating a place where they can do homework and meet for class on their computer. As well as adapting to new workspaces, students are adjusting to more time to partake in different “after-school” activities, given that sports, the play, and the like are no longer happening. The biggest task has become deciding what to do with their free time after they have finished classes and done their homework. Above are pictures of students’ workspaces and what they have been doing to occupy their free time.