How to Stay Active During Quarantine


Bianca Greco

A photo from one of my walks outside!

Bianca Greco, Staff Writer

This is a very challenging time for everyone, mentally and physically. Here are some fun and entertaining ways that you can stay active to improve your mental and physical well being while respecting social distancing.  

A good way to stay active outside is to walk, jog, or run around your neighborhood or some nearby neighborhoods. A place where I like to bike or walk is Long Pond in Falmouth or Little Island Conservation Area in West Falmouth. You can also take photos for fun and explore while being socially distant from others. Thalia O’Neil ‘24 explains how she is able to stay active: “I go on walks outside with my dog and go to the beach about twice a week.” Time outdoors is a calming way to take your mind off any school work and get away from the screen. 

Another great way to be active is by doing yoga or meditation. A silver lining to social distancing is that there are plenty of free exercise classes online. At the bottom of this article, I linked some of my favorite classes to take.

Although you might feel limited since you cannot go to the gym, there are plenty of exercises you can mimic at home. If you have stairs in your house, you can run up and down in intervals to get your heart rate up and your steps in, and if you combine that with a jog, it would make for a great daily workout.

There are plenty of other ways to stay healthy during this time even if they don’t involve doing a formal workout. For instance, making some healthy snacks is another way to pass the time.  You can also get up and walk around your house or do a plank competition against your family when a TV commercial comes on or between classes. Considering it is springtime, you can spend some time gardening outside.  You can play with your pets or take them on walks if you need some company. I miss going on walks and spending time with my friends, so when we Facetime, instead of sitting down we go on walks outside. It is a great way to get some exercise and talk to people while social distancing.  

There are also a lot of helpful resources at school. Mr. Andrade’s physical education class walks you through apps and workout videos you can do from home, and Ms. DiFalco’s weekly wellness class gives students ideas of how to stay mindful, whether by going for a walk every day or making a healthy snack. 

I hope everyone is staying safe through these tough times.  Don’t forget to wash your hands often and socially distance!