Falmouth Academy Welcomes the Largest Eighth Grade in Years

This years eighth grade might be the longest on record.

Mr. Patrick Kennedy

This year’s eighth grade might be the longest on record.

Dillon Fondren, Staff Writer

You may have noticed that the eighth grade this year is among the largest ever at Falmouth Academy. 

“It’s the largest grade since 2012,” said Associate Director of Admission Ms. Sarah Knowles, “and maybe even before that.” With 48 eighth graders enrolled this year, it may in fact be a new record. 

Sebastian Verslycke ’25  said, “I “came to FA because of COVID.” Some students have come to FA in hopes of having an in-person experience, while others already had plans to come here before coronavirus. 

We have a total of six new students this year.

“We chose to come here before COVID,” said Carlie Coggins ’25.

“I was ready for a bigger school,” added her sister Gracie, ’25.

Other seventh graders from last year decided not to come back. Also, the school has had to adjust because not only does it have among the largest 8th grades ever, but has had to social distance all those students. When COVID hit, people wanted their children to get an education, but others already had plans to come to FA.