The Masks You Should Be Wearing Right Now, According to the Staff of the FA Chandlery


Amy Galvam

Mr. Swanbeck stuns in a navy mask outside the art rooms.

The staff of the Chandlery got together to discuss their favorite go-to masks. Here’s what they came up with. 


Noah, Lead Editor:

These cotton masks from American Rhino are made with ‘kikoy’ cotton, a lightweight weave the company sources from East Africa. The masks are comfortable, breathable, and best of all – affordable. 10% of every purchase goes back to wildlife conservation.

Abigail, staff writer:

The mask I use is homemade from a consignment shop in Yarmouth called Wicked Thrift and costs $15. It has a black background with a pattern of white splotches and skeleton heads as well as fabric ear loops so it won’t make your ears rash. 

Sophia, Staff Writer:

My favorite masks are from Target. With their smooth design, these minimally patterned and/or solid color masks are perfect if you like comfort and simplicity in your style. If you are interested, go snag a pack of reusable masks at your local Target for about $4 – $14.

Charlotte, Staff Writer

The majority of the masks my family and I currently use are locally sourced, whether from small businesses or bought from friends. My mother’s friend uses cotton and old clothing materials to make these reversible, durable masks for our family. They’re only $5 each, with lots of print options, including an ocean theme, stars, Legos, or solid colors. 

Lucca, Staff Writer:

The mask I wear is a nano-filter hyper-purifying “breathing mask.”  Now, I know that may sound like something with a lot of bells and whistles, but all in all, it’s just a plain black mask with an exterior that crunches and crackles when it moves.  I find it safe and comfortable.  

Alice, Lead Reporter:  

If you love The West Wing as much as I do, do not miss the opportunity to check out this mask on Redbubble. A good mask should be a statement of personality: Who you are, what you like, and on a rainy afternoon, what Netflix shows you would binge! Whether you are a fervent Star Wars fan seeking a lightsaber pattern or a loyal The Office watcher in search of a Prison Mike mask, Redbubble is the perfect platform to find something that expresses your passion. 

Dillon, Staff Writer: 

I personally love masks from Turtle Fur, a company that focuses on gear. They are on the expensive side, but they have a very comfortable earpiece and a nice double layered inside. They come in a 2 pack, and I would recommend for normal use, but not athletics.