To Raise Political Awareness, FA Juniors Host Mock Election


Zach Crampton ’22 poses next to posters prepared by his grade for the mock election. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Amy Galvam.

Spencer Goldsmith, Staff Writer

Corresponding with this month’s national election, Falmouth Academy juniors worked to organize a mock election for the entire Falmouth Academy student body. The election aimed to get the student body more interested and active in politics, not only at the national level, but at the state level as well. 

Despite the tension involved in today’s politics, the junior class felt that mock elections would be an overall positive experience for the school. 

“I didn’t want to ignore the election just because it was difficult,” said Mrs. Julie Swanbeck, the U.S History teacher who led the project and supported the juniors throughout the process of preparing for the election. “I think it’s really important for students to be able to express their views.”

The juniors, who are currently taking U.S history, had been studying American government since the beginning of the year and were excited to educate the rest of the community with what they had learned, hopefully in a new and engaging way. The juniors’ job was to create posters advocating for the different presidential, vice-presidential, and statewide candidates that would be found on this year’s Massachusetts ballot. The juniors also created posters for this year’s Massachusetts ballot questions and made a series of announcements to increase student voter participation. 

Voting among students was done through a Google form that Mrs. Swanbeck constructed to mimic the actual ballot being used. It was distributed to students on Monday, November 2, for ‘early voting.’ Final votes were cast Tuesday night. Results were announced during All-School Meeting on Wednesday so that the whole community was able to hear where their fellow students stood. 

The results are as follows: both Ballot Question 1, on the Right to Repair, and Ballot Question 2, on implementing Ranked-Choice Voting, were passed by the FA Student Body. Representative Bill Keating and Senator Ed Markey both won their respective congressional races, and in the presidential race, the student body showed overwhelming support for now President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, voting incumbent president Donald Trump out of office.

As a project, Falmouth Academy’s mock election certainly benefited the juniors. 

“It was fun to create the posters and it gave me the chance to research the candidates much more in depth than I would have normally,” said Zach Crampton ‘22.

While the mock election may not have an effect on the outside world, it was a positive event for our community. In times when there are many political divisions and inaccurate information is being circulated, playing an active role in our democracy is an essential part of being an educated citizen. Through this project, students across all grades were able to get involved in the voting process and make educated decisions when voting.