How To Fall Asleep on Christmas Eve


Christmas morning is sure to bring smiles

Ronan Cazeault, Staff Writer

Do you ever end up staring at the ceiling at midnight on Christmas Eve with your eyes wide open, knowing presents will be under the tree when you wake up? I’m guessing that you responded with a resounding, “Yes!” If not, very impressive! How do you do that? Well I have some techniques better than anything you ever heard!

  1. Warm Milk: I think it tastes a bit weird but it might make you sleep better. Don’t forget to leave some milk and cookies for Santa!
  2. Listen to Music: It doesn’t matter what songs you listen to, as long as you enjoy it! Just try it; the calming effect may surprise you.
  3. Turn the Lights Off and be a Vampire: Most people already do this, but I’m putting it here.
  4. Count Sheep: It’s math class and sheep!
  5. No Coffee: If you don’t know already, caffeine will make you stay up, not fall asleep.
  6. Google how to fall asleep: Pretty simple.
  7. Stare at The Ceiling: You look straight up!
  8. Stare at The Wall: Same thing as number 9, but sideways.
  9. Stare at The Other Wall: Same thing as 10, but the other side.
  10. Stare into the Mattress: You get the point.
  11. Watch a Long, Boring Movie: If you chose to do this, you may even fall asleep before the movie even starts!