How to Wake up on a School Day


Mrs. Galvam

Early one morning, students board buses for Marconi Beach Day

Ronan Cazeault, Staff Writer

Do you ever find yourself sleeping, having a great dream? But when you wake up to pick up your phone or look at the clock to check the time, you realize that school starts in two minutes! Well, I have some great tips and tricks on how to get out of bed on a school day, even on those slow Mondays.

  1. Set an alarm- It’s annoying, but it works!
  2. Siblings- Similar to the first one, but have your siblings wake you up instead.
  3. You have a test- You have a test, oh wait…
  4. Don’t be nocturnal- Unless you are an owl or something, go to bed early. You probably don’t want to, but you know staying up at midnight isn’t helping you wake up in the morning, unless you don’t sleep just like the next tip!
  5. Get somebody to turn on your lights- MY EYESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!
  6. Realize what day it really is- It’s the weekend, you can sleep in! Wait hold on… I’m getting some information… Wait, I have homework? UGHHHH!
  7. Pets- My dog jumps on my bed and licks my face, and your pet can, too! Unless it’s a snake with good dental hygiene. If you do decide to choose this option, just be careful.
  8. Last day of school- I know you definitely have energy on this one day every year! This is a rare occurrence that happens, but when it does, get excited! Sorry, teachers, you’re still awesome!
  9. Google it- Let the internet give you some ideas, pretty simple.
  10. Capture the Flag- They say it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, and it’s all about having fun, which is true… sometimes, but it definitely feels good to beat some of the older kids though! Unless you’re a senior, then you are the older kids.
  11.  Quizlet Live/Kahoot/Plickers (just for you Mr. Lott!)- Looking forward to this activity will definitely lift your spirits and get rid of the Monday gloom. Everybody loves it, except when your phone goes from 100% to 5% when using Plickers.
  12. Pizza day- Get excited, it’s pizza time! Wait… what is this? I got cheese pizza, not anchovies and olives. 

1 minute later

            Hey, um this isn’t the right pizza, also do you have Febreze by any chance? Oh perfect! 

2 minutes later

Who thought rotten eggs and spoiled milk was a good idea for Febreze? Just why?

  1. Don’t sleep… at all- Pulling an all-nighter is not the brightest idea, but it’s a last resort.
  2. Water cup- If you still don’t wake up after splashing yourself with water, then maybe try tip number 16!
  3. Water cup, but with ice- Another last resort, only if you must.
  4. Music- Listen to some music like this!