Spirit Week 2021: A Recap


Ms. Barbara Campbell

Sevvies on the tug-of-war line

Ronan Cazeault, Staff Writer

If you missed the results of Spirit Week, you might want to read this article.

Day 1.

The first day of Spirit Week was Clash Day, and every grade had amazing ideas (except 7th grade, who didn’t fully understand what to do). The seniors took 1st place, 9th grade took 2nd place, and the 8th grade took 3rd place. That day was also the Triathlon – an egg carry, pole race, and sack race – with 11th grade in 1st, 10th grade in 2nd, and 8th grade coming in 3rd place again.

Day 2.

Day 2 of Spirit Week was crazy. This was Prompt Day along with Dec-a-Senior. For Prompt Day, each grade had to have a word with ash in it and dress up as that word. 12th grade won 1st with the word Slasher, 7th grade earned 2nd place with Trash, and 3rd place went to 8th with Super Smash Bros. And for Dec-a-Senior, with the theme of time machine, 1st place went to 7th grade with Lucca the fancy Dinosaur and Ellamae the futuristic Robot, 2nd place went to the seniors with Anna and Francesca as roller skaters from the 70’s, and 9th grade took 3rd place with Princess Noah and Saniya Solo from Star Wars.

Day 3.

Scrabble Day and Egg Toss were the events for Day 3 of Spirit Week. The seniors took 1st place with Piracy, 2nd place was 9th, and 3rd place was 11th grade with Pole. Egg Toss was definitely the most interesting event in my opinion. 1st place: 11th, 2nd place: 9th, 3rd place:7th.

Day 4.

Day 4 was Casual Friday, although it was on a Thursday, and it  wasn’t a competition. However, that day’s intense game of Tug o’ War was. The 10th grade won 1st place; 11th, 2nd place, and 9th, 3rd place.

Day 5.

The last day of Spirit Week, Theme Day, had the seniors in 1st with Greek gods and monsters, 11th in 2nd with goth, and 9th in 3rd with Wizard of Oz. Artistic expression was the other event, with 11th grade in 1st, the seniors in 2nd, and 9th grade in 3rd. The seniors also won both the Photo Guess and the Candy Guess.

The Results:

1st Place – 12th Grade

2nd Place – 11th Grade

3rd Place – 9th Grade