Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

Sophia Venetis, Editor-In-Chief

“What is journalism?” your inquiring mind might ask. More than just a profession promoting writing as means of communication, journalism is an activity rooted in the passion for binding a community through expression. With that in mind, my goal, as the Editor-In-Chief for this academic year, is to both maintain and strengthen this backbone of our community that is The Chandlery.

Looking back, I began to realize this when I joined the staff of The Falmouth Academy Chandlery back in April 2020. Starting right in the midst of what was yet to become a devastating, global pandemic, I remember writing my first official article, End Your Bored-At-Home-Blues with a Quarantine Music Mix!, which was published shortly thereafter. Not only did I enjoy writing that article, but also it was astonishing to me how just some positive perspective and well-crafted words on a page brought comfort to both me and my peers during those confusing times. Despite the distancing and distractions in the world – the political, economic, social, and even personal upheaval – caused by the virus, I noticed that by keeping the student body well-informed through news and features, The Chandlery, as a whole, managed to maintain a sense of togetherness within Falmouth Academy. In fact, it always has. And to this day, it still does.

After writing article upon article, I was granted the position of  The Chandlery’s Assistant Editor last year. While learning the ins and outs of The Chandlery website, and watching it transform throughout the year alongside Noah Glasgow ’21, Co-founder and former Editor-In-Chief, I’ve become quite familiar with both the responsibilities of this job and the bylaws of the organization. If you don’t know already, “The Chandlery exists to promote scholastic journalism, provide coverage of events both inside and outside our community, and foster conversation and kindness within the student body.” I stress this message in hopes that you will see the importance of it, just as I have. As a result, I hope to recruit more writers and expand The Chandlery staff. I plan to continue upholding these values, just as everyone who has written for the school newspaper has as well. Although I won’t be a student at FA long enough to witness it, I look forward to seeing The Chandlery continue to flourish in the years to come. With sufficient care and passion, it undoubtedly will.

I would also like to thank you for all that you bring to the table because without your presence and your efforts, there would be no Falmouth Academy to highlight. The long hours spent by writers voluntarily staring at a Google Doc until words formulate and then constructing sentences, then paragraphs, then pages, at the consecutive click of fingertips on a keyboard mustn’t go unnoticed either. These avid writers are the reason for the abundance of articles in this November 2021 edition and the editions yet to come. In addition to their journalistic contributions to The Chandlery, especially since we are short-staffed, I would like to applaud writers for their unseen efforts – the brainstorming, collaboration, interviewing, research, drafting, and dedication – that brought this edition to life.

As you sift through each individual article throughout the year, I encourage you to be mindful of how each piece emphasizes both the scholarly and supportive atmosphere of Falmouth Academy. And with that note, I present to you this year’s first edition of The Chandlery. 


I hope you enjoy all that The Chandlery has to offer just as much as I do. Happy reading!


Sophia Venetis ’22


The Falmouth Academy Chandlery