Junior Class Adventures at Mt. Monadnock

Junior Class Adventures at Mt. Monadnock

Petra Brienza and Maria MacDonald

Duffel bags in hand, the junior class drove up to Falmouth Academy on September 25, ready for a weekend of team bonding and wilderness fun. The wonderful staff of Nature’s Classroom Sargent Center greeted the class with smiles. We started right away with team bonding, blindfolded dodgeball, and a two-hour-long hike that entertained the juniors for the afternoon. All of these activities were done in groups led by a staff member. The juniors then had dinner made by Rocky, the Sargent Center’s Chef. 

Every night the class built a campfire together. We had competitions to see which fire would be the best. Furthermore, we all enjoyed being able to share stories and songs, creating great memories that our class cherishes. One night, we all joined together to watch the stars, and thanks to Connor Mercer ’23, we were able to locate lots of constellations and even a planet! 

The juniors slept in yurts in groups of three or four, which only added to the bonding experience. On the second day, we were led through a ropes course, followed by a choice of swimming or canoeing. During downtime, the class occupied itself with games of gaga, soccer, and intense card games. On the third day, the class was taken to new heights when we climbed up the rock wall at the Sargent Center. The class was praised for its enthusiasm to create challenges. There were many students who climbed the wall blindfolded or even with one hand. On the fourth and final day of the trip, the class climbed Mt. Monadnock for the second time in their FA career. It was a great way to come full circle from our trip in 8th grade, where the class did similar bonding activities, also at the Sargent Center.  

 “I thought it was a valuable bonding experience,” said Bianca Greco ’23.

“I got to know people a lot better. It was nice to see people outside of an academic environment,” said Sam Kellogg ’23.

It was unanimous that the trip was very fun and definitely worth partaking in. It was a good way to have the class reconvene halfway through high school in order to prepare ourselves for an exciting two more years at Falmouth Academy

“I think it was an important experience and I definitely bonded with the class!” said Sophia Legutko ’23, new to the school this year.

Of course, the trip would not have been able to go so smoothly without the experience and guidance of Mr. Douglas Jones, Mr. Michael Earley, Ms. Sarah Knowles, and Mr. Matthew Barnes, who were with us for the entire time, encouraging us to step just the smallest bit out of our comfort zone. All in all, it was an enjoyable trip full of class bonding. It is most definitely one of Falmouth Academy’s most enjoyable traditions for juniors.