Senior White Water Rafting Trip


Siggy Gierhart

The seniors went out for two days of fun-filled adventure at Zoar Outdoor Adventure Resort, in Charlemont, MA on September 9th. The seniors piled in on one large coach bus and ventured our way to the Deerfield River. During our trip, we made many memories. It was an amazing experience and something that all of the seniors would love to share with you. Here are some of the highlights of our Deerfield excursion. Also thank you to Mrs. Scottie Mobley, Mr. Dan Nightingale, Mr. Jon Olson, and Ms. Carol Difalco for chaperoning and giving us this awesome trip!

After a three-hour bus ride, we had finally made it to our destination, Zoar Outdoor Adventure Resort. We grabbed our bags from the bus, and went onwards towards our final destination. . Some of us chose tents and others chose cabins to sleep in. Once we settled in we had quite the adventure.  

Our class regrouped after everyone set up their sleeping bags. Our chaperones had some team-building activities planned! Fifteen minutes later we find ourselves in a dirt patch next to a small ski lodge. The grade began with bonding activities that consisted of sharing our values with one another through a card game brought to us by Mrs. Difalco. We learned about what was important to one another. We all were able to connect with each other, once again, outside of the classroom after a time of isolation. 

“It was awesome to be with all my classmates and with the teachers who chaperoned outside of the classroom. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, so there were great vibes,” said Tarun Gonneea ’22. 

Afterward, we gathered in our own groups to play games, like kickball and blob tag. Everyone was enjoying themselves even in a few moments of light rain. Soon dinner was right around the corner, and we went to a local pizza shop called Berkshire Pizza. To our surprise, the restaurant had already set up tables and food to feed all thirty-eight of us,  as well as our wonderful chaperones. We munched on delicious pizza, salads, and had quite the assortment of soda options. Then to top off such a great meal, ice cream was given for dessert. Once we were full, we went back to the campgrounds for some downtime.

The day did not end there, however. We wrapped up the day’s activities with a fun game of Manhunt. At the end of the night, two intense rounds of Manhunt were played and many laughs were shared. Fair to say it was a great day. The next day we woke up and went down to a row of picnic tables that were covered in breakfast food. Muffins, bananas, granola bars, and more filled our stomachs as we prepared ourselves for the main event, white-water rafting. The senior class was divided into six raft groups that consisted of six to seven people each and one chaperone. Each person geared up with helmets, spray tops, life jackets, and paddles, and then hopped on a bus that brought us up the river. When we arrived, we immediately hopped in the rafts and headed out on course. 

All of our rafts had experienced and amazing guides that showed us how to use all the equipment and different ways to move the raft around. Our ride was long but filled with thrill, and lots and lots of time to get to know the people in our raft better. 

“I got to connect and learn a lot of new things about the people in my raft which was super cool. I definitely enjoyed white water rafting,” said Sofia Metri ’22. 

In agreement, Mia Galvam ’22 said, “It was such an awesome time, we all got to bond, and catch up on so many different things.”

Throughout the course, we traveled through both slow and fast currents, rocky paths, and even a small drop towards the end. Together, we stopped for lunch and consumed wraps, pasta salad, and yummy cookies. After a nice amount of rest time, we hopped back on our rafts to complete our adventure. Our last stretch consisted of class three rapids, which we all held on tightly for. We then made it to our final destination and unloaded as we said goodbye to the beautiful Deerfield River. The bus came and we started back for Falmouth. 

Not only were we seniors able to experience white water rafting and have a small exciting trip, but we also got to enjoy the company of each other. Many of us caught up or even got to know one another better. It was a perfect way to start off the school year!