Finally Back on Stage!


Photo by Ms. Susan Moffat

Sarah Plotkin

The set depicted a mountain scene. The platforms and paper mache trees truly brought the scene to life, making spectators feel as if they were at the top of a mountain. The lights further developed the atmosphere, as they changed the colors of the rocks on stage and set the mood for multiple fight scenes. 

On November 12 and 13, Falmouth Academy theater students performed a play called The Birds, by Aristophanes and adapted by Walter Kerr.

The show follows two men, Pisthetaerus, played by Ethan Pratt ’22, and Euelpides, played by Sarah Plotkin ’22, as they leave Athens in search of the land of birds. Upon finding the bird king, played by Ben Giumetti ’23, they lead the birds into building a city named Cloud Cuckoo Land. Throughout the play, these characters deal with a skeptical bird chorus, humans who want in on the project, and angry gods – the comedy has it all!

In addition, the birds’ headpieces, which looked as though they were straight out of the Broadway show, The Lion King, were particularly impressive. The headpieces created by the cast, with instruction from Ms. Emily Moehnke, mother of Tildy ’27, were paired with the jacket wings in order to complete the costumes. Furthermore, the actors’ bird-like movements were spot on, bringing their characters to life. 

With Ms. Elisabeth Ledwell as the director and Mr. Charles Jodoin as the chief of stage and light design, there was no doubt that the play would be a success! The cast and crew put a lot of time and effort into the show as well. Leading the show, Ethan Pratt’s performance as Pisthetaeurs was not only humor-filled but also left you wanting to join the birds yourself. 

This play in particular had a cast that consisted of many new actors from grades seven and eight. New to FA’s drama program, Elyse Sharpe ’27,  who played a bird, prophet, and god, Iris, described her experience, “It’s been pretty fun! Everyone is nice and welcoming. The play allows me to meet new people from different grades.”

Rehearsing almost every day after school since September, the cast also donated time outside of the school week. With help from students that are a part of the lighting elective and members of the after-school Stagecraft Elective, it was clear that even behind the scenes, the show was truly a team effort. 

The Birds was the first play to be showcased at FA since the fall of 2019. There is no question that the actors are thrilled to be back on stage. 

“It was really awesome getting to know a whole new cast and I am so lucky to be able to participate in live theatre my senior year,” said Ethan.

With the fall play over, we can now look forward to the upcoming Middle School show, and the Spring after-school show. One thing is clear, theatre is back and better than ever!