Crochember – FA’s Knitters Knit Up a Storm

Mrs. Santamauro with her crocheted cat.

Mrs. Santamauro with her crocheted cat.

Abigail Lott, Staff Writer

One popular pastime for many in the holiday season is knitting. Hats, socks, gloves, mittens, the list goes on of what can be made during this time of year. At Falmouth Academy, the after-school Knitting Club embraces this winter hobby.

Led by librarian, Mrs. Britta Santamauro, the group meets every Monday, after- school in the library. The group has gone through several names: Socktober for October, Sew-vember for November, and the most recent form – Crochember for December… The participants range from extreme beginners to those who know the basics of knitting.

“It was an idea that percolated with the seniors. It gave us a reason to get together and knit together,” said Mrs. Santamauro about the activity’s origins.

The group started by knitting socks in October with a variety of colors. Tasha Sudofsky ’22 did a blue and purple theme for her wooly socks. Then they moved on to crocheting small animals such as cats and octopuses in December. No matter the method, everyone in the Kitting club enjoys making fancy knit creations with their yarn.

Mrs. Santamauro is quite knowledgeable in knitting, as members can attest. Tasha Sudofsky ’22 learned how to knit from Mrs. Santamauro, finding it a great stress reliever for her busy lifestyle.

“Mrs. Santamauro has been great with guidance and giving us advice on how to start something new like socks which I had never done before,” added Sarah Thieler ’22, who had previously knitted.

The club will continue after the holiday season, and Mrs. Santamauro encourages those interested from any grade or skill level to come.
“Come. Anybody can start. There are always friendly people that are ready to show their tips. It is flexible, and you can come before or after any other activities you have,” she said.

Mrs. Santamauro has any materials needed for those who do not have any yarn or other supplies. It is always good to try something new. So, why not try knitting or crocheting?