Basketball Season Recap

Falmouth Academy Girls Junior Varsity Basketball Team 2022

Falmouth Academy Girls’ Junior Varsity Basketball Team 2022

Siggy Gierhart, Staff Writer

As sad as it is to say goodbye to the fall season, there is never a dull moment during the winter at FA. This year we watched our six talented basketball teams play hard-fought games against other schools. Win or lose, each team represented Falmouth Academy impressively, and supporters enjoyed watching each game.

The Girls Varsity basketball team had a season of laughs, learning, and team building. The team faced many challenges, but in each game they learned new things about each other and how to work well together. The senior captains, Kailei Hoehlein ’22 and Piper Augat ’22 had only great things to say about their teammates and the overall season. 

“Sabrina Vasquez [’23] has been such a team player this year which is all we can ask for. Being a great asset on the offensive half of the court, fighting for rebounds, and finding her fire to rip the ball from the opponents’ hands is just the aggression needed on the court,” said Kailei Hoehlein ’22. 

The determination and support from each individual made the team stronger. The team members worked together to advance their skills, and most importantly have fun. 

“Another standout player has been Lily Connors [’24]. She mixes fun and effort perfectly, she works hard to improve her defense and shots, she has become one of our top scorers this year,” said Piper Augat ’22. 

Each member went to practice every day with a mindset of working hard, and it paid off. On Friday, February 18, the Varsity Girls played Sturgis West on their Senior Night and celebrated their win with the FA supporters. The girls had an amazing game, finishing off 50-18. Each player played fearlessly, and the team also had tremendous support throughout the season from their coach, Kyla Kruger.  

“Without Coach K, we would not be half the team we are today, on and off the court. We all appreciate her more than she knows, and we know Piper and I will miss her immeasurable amounts next year,” said Kailei Hoehlein ’22. 

Boys Varsity also had a productive season, they worked together to have fun and learn new things about each other. Both teams worked hard this season to excel during each game to play better than the last.

“The season is going great, fundamentals are down, and we are playing competitively until the end of each game no matter the outcome,” said Jack Butler ’22. 

 There were many younger players this season, and they had a huge effect on the team. The captains and older players worked to make the younger players feel comfortable and supported throughout the season.  

“Sam Stoemer, an eighth-grader, has contributed a lot to the team’s success,”  said Jack DiFalco-Wheeler ’22.

There is a great amount of potential on the team, and each player exhibited the determination to build on teamwork and advance their skills as a whole. Each individual brought their own unique set of skills, and some of those players stood out to their fellow teammates.

 “Cody Feldott [’22] always brings the energy onto the court, Drew Reeves [’24] is a standout player, and Nate Holmes [’24] is our pillar on the team,” said Alzamora Quan ’22. 

The boys finished off their season strong and had amazing coaches along the way: math teacher and Athletic Director, Mr. Henry Stevens, and former FA teacher, Mr. Mike Deasy. We look forward to next year to seeing the younger players stepping up to take the place of our seniors and captains!

This year, both our Girls and Boys Junior Varsity teams also improved tremendously. The Girls’ Junior Varsity team, coached by History Department Chair, Mr. Rob Wells, started off the season with a mission to work together as a team and advance their individual skills. The majority of the players had never played the sport before, but each player came to practice every day ready to work their hardest. The main goal of the season was to learn the objective of the game and, most importantly, have fun. 

“It was an intimate bunch, and they definitely had fun,” said Mr. Wells. 

The Boys Junior Varsity had a similar season, they focused on improving their skills and teamwork. Many of their players were new to the game, and observed by math teacher, Mr. Jon Olson, the team came a long way from the beginning of the season. 

“Zander Ray [’25] was a standout player this season. Towards the end of the season, you could put Zander in any position and he would play a great shift,” said Mr. Olson.

Mr. Olson focused on teaching the team the fundamentals behind the game, and providing the team with an understanding of how they could improve. Both Junior Varsity teams exhibited immense growth on and off the court. 

The Middle Schools Girls’ and Boys’ teams had quite the season. The girls’ team started off the season not the way they had planned to, but this did not stop any of them from giving up, rather it made the team stronger. After the first few losses, the girls were able to come back with a three winning game streak, and made their way to the Super Six Tournament. Their coach, Mr. Patrick Kennedy could not be more excited for the progress that the girls made.

“All sixteen girls contributed greatly to the success of the team, and everyone had a meaningful spot on the team,” said history teacher, Mr. Kennedy.

As for the Boys’ Middle School team, their performance throughout the season was unmatched. Their improvement skyrocketed, and towards the end of the season the boys team was beating teams that had won previous games. The boys also advanced to the Super Six Tournament and made it all the way to the final game. Although the boys lost in overtime, their persistence and teamwork improvement was the greatest success. Mr. Bill Andrade, the boy’s coach, was thrilled with their accomplishments. 

“It has definitely been a learning experience for all of us, but the most important thing was the players learned to play/accept their roles, and come together as a team to accomplish what they worked so hard for,” said Mr. Andrade. 

All six teams established successful individual and teamwork skills, and the fundamentals behind the game of basketball. It was an awesome experience to watch all of these teams come together to have fun and form new connections. Falmouth Academy surely looks forward to what the upcoming winter season will bring.