Falmouth Academy Prom 2022

Picture of the FA Class of 2022 before Prom.

Picture of the FA Class of 2022 before Prom.

Siggy Gierhart, Staff Writer

This spring of 2022,  Falmouth Academy was fortunate enough to throw the first prom since the beginning of Covid-19. This year the Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors all got together to celebrate this event by eating, laughing, and dancing. Our amazing prom committee booked the perfect location, the Coonamessett Inn, located right in Falmouth, and an awesome DJ who played the top hits all night. After taking loads of pictures, promgoers made their way to the Inn, ready to begin the night. Upon arrival, there were gold, black, and white balloons hanging at the entrance, and each table was set with a beautiful arrangement of flowers, poker chips, and playing cards to go with the Monte Carlo theme. There was a lot of effort put into this special night, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the FA Prom Committee and our helpful chaperones: Mr. Mike Earley, Ms. Scottie Mobley, and Dr. Christine Carter. Students were also lucky enough to have guest appearances from Mr. Matt Green, Mr. Rob Wells, and Mr. Doug Jones, as well. 

“I thought prom went really well! It was nice seeing everyone together after two years of covid. It was also nice to see the seniors enjoy their first as well as their last prom together,” said Prom Committee member Abby Neubart ’22.

The night started off with greetings and hugs as people made their way into the dining area to find their seats and get started on the dance floor. After promgoers spent time conversing and complimenting each other on how awesome they looked, dinner was served. Along with the amazing location, the Coonamessett also provided a perfect meal for the perfect occasion. Everyone had options, and the food tasted great. There was an awesome vibe throughout the dining room, as everyone was able to mingle with the surrounding tables. Students who brought outside guests also got a chance to introduce their dates and friends to the FA community. 

“It was super cool how all of us at FA were together celebrating, but we also got to show other people we care about how awesome FA and the community is,” said Mia Galvam ’22. 

Once everyone ate, the dancing began. There were conga lines, balloons flying around, dancers jumping up and down, and then there was Jack Butler ’22 – who couldn’t keep his tie around his neck but thought it looked better around his head! Every so often dance breaks were taken, but a few minutes later people were back on their feet busting moves. Dancers held hands as they skipped around the dance floor, laughing and singing. The best part was that this was the first time a lot of us had seen each other dance! 

“I had such a fun time dancing, and watching everyone around me. I learned some pretty cool dance moves from my classmates,” said Zach Crampton ’22.

The photo booth was a huge hit, capturing some of the best moments that some experienced this year. The booth came with big sunglasses, a captain’s hat, devil horns, and all sorts of funky decorations to make the pictures even better.  Big smiles were across everyone’s faces, and overall joy filled the room as they were all able to celebrate something they hadn’t been able to in a while. 

“It was awesome to have all of the senior class together, but I enjoyed being able to celebrate with the underclassmen for one of the last times,” said Sofia Metri ’22. 

This year’s prom will definitely not be forgotten by many. It was a special time and a wonderful night. There was laughter, love, and memories that will last a lifetime. Everyone who came contributed to the celebration and made the night spectacular. This dance was the last hooray for our Seniors and somewhat of a welcoming party to the underclassmen. Prom is a tradition that will hopefully carry on for years to come and will excite the FA community each and every year. There are many people to thank for putting this night together, but it wouldn’t have been complete without each and everyone one of you who attended.