The Curious Savage – Spring Play

Mrs. Savage (Sarah Plotkin ՚22) and Fairy (Adele Francis ՚24)

Mrs. Savage (Sarah Plotkin ՚22) and Fairy (Adele Francis ՚24)

Karly Shifrin, Staff Writer

On May 13 and 14, students involved in Falmouth Academy’s Theater Program put on a production of the play The Curious Savage

The Curious Savage, written by John Patrick and set in the late 1940s, is a comedic play that follows Ethel Savage, an elderly woman, played by Sarah Plotkin ՚22, after she recently lost her husband who left her ten million dollars. Her stepchildren, Titus, played by Dillon Fondren ՚25, Lilly Belle, played by Lila Journalist ՚25, and Samantha, played by Arden O’Neil ՚26, want the money and put her in a home for the mentally different in order to try and acquire it. There, Mrs. Savage meets Fairy, played by Adele Francis ՚24, Florence, played by Petra Brienza ՚23, Jeff, played by Sam Kellogg ՚23,  Mrs. Paddy, played by Sophie Gaughan ՚26, and Hannibal, played by Ethan Pratt ՚22. Mrs. Savage befriends them over time. By the end of the play when Mrs. Savage is released but no longer wants to leave, the entire audience is left with a new understanding of friendship, love, and family.  

By the time bows were taken on closing night, not only did the characters have amazing friendships, but so did the actors. Many cite these connections as the reason they so fondly enjoy FA’s drama program.

“We are such a tight-knit group that it makes all the plays a blast,” said Sophie Gaughan ՚26.

The play itself is filled to the brim with lines that cause the audience to laugh, whether they stab at Lilly Belle’s many relationships or funny conversations between the residents at home.

Dillon Fondren ՚25 said his favorite line from the play was, “I refuse to submit to the tyranny of mathematics.”

The play turned out to be a fantastic success even though there were challenges. One challenge was that the day before opening night, the understudy, Sia Canelos ՚26, had to step in to play Dr. Emmett for both shows. Thankfully, she was awesome and the show went on without any issues.

Additionally, The play would have not gone on without Mrs. Elisabeth Ledwell, FA’s amazing theater director. Without her, the play would not have existed. Thanks to her, another show has been put on despite the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The students and Mr. Charlie Jodoin who ran tech, sound, lights, and designed the sets also deserve a  huge thank you. Without them, the play would not have had a setting or any sound effects. 

Of course, all the actors should be thanked as well for their amazing talent and perseverance throughout the entire production of the play. Without them, the play would be nothing but words on a page. 

The Curious Savage was a major success, as usual. The entire Falmouth Academy community is in for more amazing theater productions next year!